In May 1810, the pro-independence movement initiated the use of the Blue and White Cockade. It was decreed the National Cockade on 18th February 1812, and nine days later a flag in these colours was flown. The Blue and white symbolize the clear skies and snow of the Andes. The sun, added in 1818, is the Sol de Mayo (“May Sun”), the national symbol of Argentina.

It commemorates the appearance of the sun in cloudy skies on 25th May 1810, when the first mass demonstration supporting independence took place. The flag with the sun was the state flag and state and war ensign. Since 1985 it may also be used as a civil flag or ensign. The Argentines have strict laws regarding the display of their national flag and how it is carried, along with laws describing how it should be carried and it is a source of great competition and pride to be selected to carry the flag when it is displayed.



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