A German colony at the end of the 19th century, British and French forces invaded Togo on 12 August 1914 and the German administration surrendered on 26 August 1914. Under joint military administration, in 1922 Togo was partitioned, the western part of Togo was administered by Britain as part of the Gold Coast, the East by France as Togoland.

In 1956 the East (Togoland) became an autonomous republic as the British sector joined independent Ghana in 1957. French Togoland became Togo in 1960 upon gaining independence. The colours used on the flag are the Pan-African colours, first adopted by neighbouring Ghana. The colours of the flag of Togo have their own significance as well, green representing hope and agriculture, yellow representing the country’s mineral resources and red representing the independence struggle. The white star represents national purity.



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