The current flag of Syria is the same as the flag of the United Arab Republic, which was in use from 1958 to 1961 in both Syria and Egypt. The colours used are the Pan-Arab colours of red, white, black and green, used initially by many Arab states and regions as an anti-Ottoman nationalist device and then, after the collapse of the Ottoman empire, as an expression of Arab solidarity.

The flag has changed five times in the last 50 years and each change has reflected contemporary Syrian alliances; the current flag has been in use since 1980. In 1972, Syria, Egypt and Libya formed the Federation of Arab Republics, with a common flag. The policy of reconciliation between Egypt and Israel caused Libya to withdraw from the federation in 1977 and Syria followed in 1980, the current flag was adopted at that time because Syrian authorities felt the federation flag had been disgraced when it was dipped to the Israeli prime minister.



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