The Sudanese flag uses the Pan-Arab colours of red, white, green and black. The current flag was the winning entry in a design competition brought about by the new president, Jaafar Nimeiri, who gained power through a military coup in 1969, and was adopted in 1970. The old flag was a blue, yellow and green horizontal tri-colour, which survived a military coup in 1958 and the restoration of civilian power in 1964, but not the 1969 coup that brought Nimeiri to power.

The new colours were expressive of Arab nationalism, and were the colours of the new ruling party. Red stands for struggle and the martyrs of the Sudan and the Great Arab Land, white stands for Islam, peace, optimism, light and love, black stands for Sudan and the Mahdiya revolution (the Black Flag) and green stands for prosperity, food and agriculture.



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