The flag of the Sultan of Brunei was originally a plain yellow. The country became a British protectorate in 1888, and in 1906 the diagonal black and white stripes were added to denote that the sultan did not hold absolute power, but shared it with two viziers, the white representing Pengiran Bendahara, and the black representing Pengiran Pemancha. The coat of arms was added in 1959, when Brunei became self-governing.

The Mast and pedestal represent the three levels of government, and the four feathers symbolize justice, tranquility, peace and prosperity. A flagged umbrella surmounts the mast. The pillar is framed by a crescent representing Islam and bearing the inscription “Always serve with the guidance of God”, the scroll bears the legend “Brunei – home of peace” and to either side of it are the half spread hands to indicate the goodwill of the government to the people.



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