The dragon has particular significance for Bhutan because the Tibetan name for the country, Druk -Yul, can be translated either “Land of the Dragon” or “Land of Thunder”. Popular tradition associates the thunder of the mountain valleys with the dragon’s voice. Its snarling mouth expresses the stern strength of the deities protecting Bhutan, and the jewels clasped in its claws symbolize the wealth and perfection of the country.

Bhutan was formerly subject to both China and Great Britain but signed a treaty in 1949 entrusting national defense and foreign policy to India. The flag is divided diagonally. The upper half is saffron yellow, the colour of royal authority; the lower half is reddish-orange, representing Buddhism. The dragon is a benevolent figure in the orient, and is associated with power and generosity, its colour in this case denoting purity and loyalty.



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