Indoor Flag Protocol

Indoor Flag Protocol

Displayed against a wall

This Protocol advice applies to the Australian Flag & State Flags, and would also apply to most commonwealth countries

Displayed from cross staffs

The top left quarter of the flag is to be placed uppermost on the observer’s left as viewed from the front.

Additional Information

Multiple staffs

If you display the flag on a staff with other flags around it, place the National flag at the center and highest point.

Crossed Staffs

Keep the flagstaff higher and on its own right.

Behind a speaker

Hang the National flag flat on the wall. Do not decorate the podium or table with the flag. Use bunting for decoration.

Next to a speaker

Place the National flag in a stand on the speaker/s right. Use the same placement for a religious service.

In a hall or lobby

Hang the National flag vertically across from the main entrance with the jack to the left of anyone coming through the door.

On a casket

Drape the National flag with its jack at the head and over the left shoulder of the body. Do not lower the flag into the grave.

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