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Australian Blue

The British Blue ensign, charged with five stars forming the southern cross and a sixth star with seven points denoting the six states and the seventh point representing all Australian territories, was the design chosen from entries in a competition held in 1901, which attracted 32,823 entries.

Originally, the five stars of the Southern Cross had 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5 points respectively to denote the brightness of the stars in the constellation, and the commonwealth star had only 6 points for the six states. But by 1903 the number of points on the stars were standardized to 4 seven pointed and 1 five pointed star, and in December 1908, it was gazetted that the commonwealth star be altered from 6 points to seven. The crosses of the Union Jack represent the principles on which Australia is based, parliamentary democracy, rule of law and freedom of speech.


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